Saturday, 8 May 2010

Ogre Characters WIP Part II

Following on from yesterday's Bruiser, here's my more or less done Butcher:

Again, kit bashed from the Ogre Battalion box. The apron didn't quite come out how I'd envisaged, I realised after I'd done it that it should be lower on his chest.

One part I like is his Halfling Cookbook:

What could be a better cook book than a real, live Halfling to carry round with you?


Kuffeh said...

That is another nice looking ogre. I agree about the apron, but I also feel that it is lacking details. At the moment it is just a flat surface. I think you could improve it with the addition of folds and such.

Chris said...

Yeah, definitely agree, it needs something to break up the surface. I'll put my thinking cap on.