Wednesday, 26 May 2010


The new White Dwarf arrived this morning, complete with the new spearhead rules.

Here's the headline points on Spearhead:

-Force org chart is unchanged in terms of what you can take, but it adds in the ability to take spearhead formations in addition to the usual slots. There are no compulsory slots.

-Spearhead formations seem to be like apocalypse formations in that they cost some points plus models, there's one provided in WD which consists of 3 tanks or walkers gives all the models the Tank Hunter special rule for an additional 60 points on top of the model cost. More formations will be on the website, and there will be super-heavy spearheads

-Game is played from short edge to short edge

-3 new missions: Breakthrough (VP for being in the opponents half), lightning war (3 objectives), vital ground (objectives but one is nominated as the vital objective so gives 3 VPs)

-Random game length as usual

-Troops, tanks, walkers and spearhead units are scoring

-3 new deployment methods: Counter attack (deploy in a wedge shape formation), cauldron (bit like pitched battle) and Escalation (bit like Dawn of War, in you deploy one spearhead or three non-spearhead units and everything else is in reserve).

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