Monday, 26 April 2010

Finally up to date with Plague Marines

I got my fifth and final (for the time being) squad of Plague Marines finished last night, bringing my grand total to 35 Marines, for a total points value of just over 1000 points.

I made a bit of an error with these ones, as for 5 of them I used to cheap single pose Chaos Space Marines, which meant they were much harder to convert and ultimately didn't save me that much over a proper box (plus I'd have got bitz from that).

The Champion and icon bearer standard marine kits, with the other 5 being the single pose ones. This squad is likely going to end up as a second string squad who will more than likely only see any action in an Apocalypse game.

Speaking of Apocalypse, probably the next thing I'm going to do is expand my zombie collection so I can have a full Plague of Zombies. I've got 20 done already with another 25 on sprues, which I just need to order some round bases for. The formation requires a Chaos Lord to go with it, so I think I'll paint up the Necromancer which goes with the VC Corpse Cart to act as the Plague Lord. Once they're done, I'm hoping for another superheavy, either a Nurgle Plague Tower or Plaguereaper depending on how much time I have.

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John Lambshead said...

Let the pus flow.......

Actually, that's pretty yuk, even for me.