Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Completed Imperial Ruin

Last night, I got some time to finish this piece of terrain (I've been on holiday hence the lack of blog updates). It's a club piece to add to the terrain collection.

Clearly, it's built from one of the standard GW kits which I really like. They're quick and easy to build which is great if you want to get a lot of terrain together quickly (like when you've got to build terrain for a club tournament), and there's a fantastic amount of detail on them if you want to go to town on painting them. The drawback is that everyone can have them, which makes your terrain less unique and special.

I prefer to base the GW buildings on hardboard for stability. I've heard differing opinions on this, with some people saying they don't need it. I for one am always knocking stuff over when gaming, so the extra stability from the base is great for that.

They're based on hardboard which I got from B&Q for about £2 for a massive sheet. I cut the shape out with a jigsaw and slope off the edges with a stanley knife and sandpaper. After that, slap on all purpose filler for a bit of texture and add sand/rubble etc to taste. I tend to use brown for the bases on these, as they need to blend in with a number of different coloured boards at the club.


Warhammer39999 said...

I love this stuff, for the reasons you stated. They look great with minimal effort.

I'd be proud to have something like this on my table.

jabberjabber said...

Great work Chris! I like the holes in the walls - particularly on the top level (that one is going to give a commanding position to snipe from).

For a while, I've been using hard-board place mats to base scenery on. It's a little pricier than B&Q (in that you get less sq. cm per penny), but it comes with its corners already rounded.

Chris said...

@Warhammer39999 - Thanks for the comment! The kits are really nice. I'm hoping the club might buy the new Honoured Imperium set, I really want to paint that statue.

@jabberjabber - That's a good idea to use placemats. Can you pick them up in pretty big sizes?