Monday, 19 April 2010

White Dwarf UK365 Contents

White Dwarf arrived in the post today, unusually early, so here's a quick run down on what's in the issue:

-Cover War of the Ring Battlehosts
-New releases: Mostly War of the Ring, with some nice Ruins of Osgiliath terrain. Also the new Fantasy River Trolls and Boar Boyz.
-Design Notes on War of the Ring Battlehosts
-War of the Ring scenarios, then a short piece about painting the Ruins of Osgiliath terrain piece.
-War of the Ring Winged Nazgul conversions showing all 9 Ringwraiths
-Battle report is War of the Ring: Mordor Vs Gondor
-Fantasy article on Orcs and Goblins. Just an advert for the army really.
-40K Historical Scenario with Blood Angels Vs Tyranids
-Fantasy article on army composition. This one follow the series showing different types of army builds.
-Standard Bearer, only skimmed this, seems to be about terrain.
-Painting Masters: Golden Daemon.
-'Eavy Metal Masterclass: Black Orc Big Boss on a boar
-Next Month: Warhammer 40K Spearhead

Plenty in this issue if you play War of the Ring.

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