Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Terrain: X-Wing boards

I've been building several boards recently for the club and for use at Vappafaux (tickets on sale now by the way).  So the club isn't stuck with a lot more Malifaux boards than we really need, Ben asked me if I could make the other side of the boards into boards for X-Wing.  That's a game that has really taken off in the past few weeks at the club.  Here they are:

These probably took half an hour each to do.  With an airbrush you could make these look amazing pretty easily, however I don't own and airbrush to I had to do the best I could.

Here's what I did:
-Sprayed the whole board black using cheap car primer I got from Poundland.  You need two cans per board.  It's not mega even but it gives it a bit of interest not be too flat.  Let this dry.
-Using white paint (I used household emulsion) and a 2" brush flick paint onto the board to be stars.  I try two methods for this.  The bottom board is flicked the brush at the board which resulted in large blobs.  The top board I flicked the brush across the palm of my hand which results in smaller, finer blobs.  Both methods work but the top one looks better to me.
-I next cut out a circle from a piece of thin card (a cereal box) then used that as a template to paint the planets which I did in either green (household emulsion again) and brown (some brown spray paint I had left over).  A tip would be to use something heavy to weigh down the edges of your template to get a crisp edge to the circle.  Mine was a big ragged and I had to touch it up with black paint and a small brush.
-Once the planets were dry I stipple on a light shade of colour (ratskin flesh for the brown planet and camo green for the green one) and touch up the edges to sharpen it up.

Pretty easy and they look fairly decent.  With an airbrush or a can of purple spray paint I would have added a nebula or gas cloud type of thing across the centre diagonally and then put the stars on top of that.

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