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Malifaux: Jakob Lynch's Upgrades Part II

An angry tadpole

Following on from my previous post about Lynch's upgrades, let's look at the last three of Jakob's upgrades:  Expert Cheater, Woke Up With A Hand and Wanna See A Trick.

Expert Cheater (2SS)
This does two things:  Friendly models with LoS to Lynch can cheat face down and gives Lynch the Squeal trigger (push 4" after taking damage).  Both great abilities and both worth taking.  Cheat face down means you can play mind games with your opponent, potentially drawing high cards out of their hand even if you've only cheated a low card or a moderate card.  The Squeal trigger I have used once as generally speaking Lynch is trying to avoid getting himself hit in the first place.  He's usually towards the back of his crew anyway and he already has a Df/Wp trigger you can use to discourage people from trying to hit him.  So while it's handy to have Squeal it's by no means an auto-take.

Woke Up With A Hand (2SS)
I love this upgrade.  If you activate last you draw two cards which is cool and well worth doing especially in early turns.  I generally find I want Lynch to activate late anyway as by that point my other models (Huggy and the Beckoners) have hopefully spread some Brilliance round he can take advantage of and wreck some face.  Drawing two cards helps power the second ability on the card:  Final Debt.

Final Debt is Ca7, Rg 10, target model with Brilliance takes damage equally to the number of cards in the Lynch players hand.  Now, combine that with activating last and drawing two cards, plus Lynch's Ace in the Hole ability, plus his (0) Pay Up and it's not unusual to have 6-8 cards in your hand.  You can really, really hurt something with this Attack Action.  It's also his longest ranged ability, and it also lack the Gun icon so it can be cast into melee with impunity.

Wanna See A Trick (1 SS)
Lynch's cheapest upgrade.  At the end of his activation, you can discard any number of Aces.  For each one discarded an enemy model with Brillance takes 2 Dg per Ace.  I've had games where this has been very useful and others where it's been useless.  It does give a couple of things:  A way of dealing with something you've dropped to it's Hard to Kill value with your other abilities or something you don't just have the AP to finish off; and a way of getting an extra bit of range or need some extra movement to get LoS against a non-Briliance target i.e. (1) Walk, (1) Walk, (now within 6" of the non-Brilliance target), (1) Play for Blood (target take 2 Dg and gain Brilliance from auto-trigger).  Activation ends, discard Aces as required.  Quite handy in the right circumstances.  The drawback is that it drains your hand of Aces which are insanely useful to you in this crew (I'll probably blog in the future about Lynch's Ace In the Hole)

General Upgrades
As I mentioned in my previous post, I've only used Lynch as Neverborn so I don't have any direct experience with the 10T upgrades.  For Neverborn, Fears Given Form is good on Huggy to draw out additional cards and potentially cause some damage.  Post-errata, I wouldn't bother with Nexus of Power on either Huggy or Lynch.  Pact, Stone of Tyrant Echoes and Aether Connection I can't see myself taking either.  Two are Leader only and Lynch's own upgrades are much better, and Pact is only there is you really hate the Black Joker.

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