Sunday, 17 November 2013

Terrain: First two terrain sets completed

Vappafaux terrain building continues.  I've finished my graveyard board completely:

As you can see from the picture above, the board itself is based on 9 1'x1' floor tiles.  While this doesn't look quite as nice as a single sheet of wood, this board and setup is for me to use personally at home so it needs to pack up small.  Space is at a premium in our house due to vast amount of crap we have, so this board packs into a space of 1'x1' and less than 3" in depth.

Terrain-wise I've run several test games with the above setup and it works OK.  The hedges and church help to bisect LoS across the board and prevent it being dominated by shooting.

I've also got my ruined village terrain set done.  This one is still slightly in a state of flux as I've not had chance to try this layout in game as yet:

The board in picture is my tile board again, but I have since completed a dedicated 3'x3' board for this (which will live at the club).  It's nothing special just green grass.

Next on the table is my badlands/desert board.

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PapaSpanky said...

very nice, I bet thats a nice sence of accomplishment!