Sunday, 27 March 2011

Khorne Lord in Terminator Armour

This was my most generous gift from the UK Bootaz Secret Santa this year. I wanted to give him a paint job befitting his status as a marvellous gift and an eater of worlds. He's going to be my entry for a local painting contest which I've amazingly managed to finish two weeks early.

I think I've managed to nail down painting red now with this one after my earlier attempt on my Kabuki doll. The red was done farily simply:

-Base of two thinned coats of Mechrite Red
-Two washes with Devlan Mud
-Layer of Red Gore, working up through about 4-5 layers to Blood Red
-Blood Red and then adding Fiery Orange for the top end highlights.

I also used weathering powders for the first time to add the black dust to his feet and loin cloth. I used the Forge World ones, as they happen to be the ones I've got. I've used Black Soot on this model to represent dust from the ashen ground and just applied it with a dry brush

I didn't think I'd actually have time to get the model done, hence I went for a fairly basic (ie rubbish) base. In future I'll allow myself more time to do something better with the base. Long term, this will be a gaming piece anyway, so I wouldn't have been able to do anything that flash with it.


Tristan said...

the red is nice and all but to me, the job you did on the glowing and sparkling blue is epic.

HOTpanda said...

Great work on your Khorne Lord. I was taken back by the sparkling you painted on his shoulder pad. It's the little details that make the model pop in the end. Thanks for sharing.