Monday, 21 March 2011

Blog neglect

I've been somewhat neglectful of the blog of late due to some real life stuff getting in the way of hobby time.

What I have managed to do since early February...

I got 30 Gnoblars painted up for my Ogre Kingdoms army:

I didn't really enjoy painting these things that much, I'm glad I don't play a horde army...

I went down to Warhammer World and got a big game in with the UK Freebootaz. 5K points per side on the custom made Tau table they've got down there. Farthestgoose on Adeptus Alcoholicus posted a short report on it as well. Those are my Sisters of Battle facing down his dreadnaught. I ended up on the losing side, but it was a great game all round and a good day as it usually is when the Bootaz get together.

Last week, I finally got round to playing Malifaux. Our local Wyrd henchman offered to come down to club night and run a demo so I jumped at the chance to try out my Nicodem crew. To be honest, I'm pretty much hooked on Malifaux now so expect so more stuff on that in future.

I've also been playing in play by forum Dark Heresy but I'll talk about that separately with some tips on what I've learnt. I've been spending a lot of time ready DH books and working on a campaign I'm running via a forum.

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