Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you! Traditionally, this is the time of year for making resolutions for the forthcoming year.

Looking back, my resolutions from last year were:

1- Build, paint and play at least 1 game with my new Ogre Kingdoms army DONE Played 4 small games

2- Complete my Witch Hunters army to 1500 points FAILED Failed kind of, partly due to GW withdrawing the basic troop box.

3- Build and paint at least one super heavy DONE Kind of. Painted my Doomsday Device, but I built that in 2010.

4- Play at least 25 games total of either 40K or Fantasy FAILED Only managed 20 games

5- Play in at least one proper tournament DONE Played in both UK Freebootaz tournamnents this year.

6- Paint at least 120 points worth of minis on the lonepilgrim painting point scheme (I did 109 in 2010) DONE I painted 144 points worth.

Here's what I aim to be doing for 2011:

1- Buy less models, and paint the ones I've got
2- Finish my Witch Hunters to the 1500 point list I've written (I technically have more than 1500 points worth)
3- Finish my Ogre army
4- Play some Malifaux
5- Play 25 games of either 40K or Fantasy
6- Get some work done on my 40K Chaos Daemons army

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