Friday, 24 December 2010

Battle Sisters

Another Christmas is over, and I'm back at work now, so it gives me a bit of time to update the blog ;)

I've been fairly busy these past couple of weeks working on a few Battle Sisters. I'm meeting up with some of the other UK Bootaz at Warhammer World in January for a day of gaming, and we're going to be playing 1000 point game. As it's a relatively small points size, I thought I'd get the Witch Hunters out for a spin, so I needed to get some more painted.

I've had this unit sat around primed for months now, but at least they're finished to a table top standard:

The Veteran Sister Superior's book came out pretty well:

I also got enough time to quickly paint their ride:

In the next three weeks, I've got 5 Storm Troopers to paint (and build first), and two Exorcists which may or may not happen.

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Meatball said...

They look great, looking forward to seeing more.