Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A brace of Exorcists

Though I've been lax with blogging this month, I've been pretty busy with hobby.

I went down to Warhammer World last week to play a few games with the UK Freebootaz. We only playing 1000 point games so I took my Witch Hunters, but I was still short on a couple of painted units, namely 2 Exorcists:

The GW one has been sat on my shelf for nearly a year (I got it for Christmas 2009) and was such a sod to put together I went for the Forge World Exorcist for the second one which was much easier if less visually impressive.

Here was the list I took with me:

Canoness, jump pack, bolt pistol, frag grenades, cloak of St. Aspira, Blessed Weapon, Book of St Lucius
Inquisitor Lord with psychic hood and bolter, 3 gun servitors with heavy bolters

10 Battle Sisters inc, a Veteran Sister with Book, Heavy Flamer, Meltagun, Rhino with smoke launchers
10 Battle Sisters inc, a Veteran Sister with Book, Storm Bolter, Meltagun, Rhino with smoke launchers
5 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers with a grenade launcher

Exorcist with searchlight
Exorcist with searchlight

I played two games with this list both against Space Marines, and to my surprise won both (I'm still not sure whether this was luck or judgement).

The Exorcists absolutely rock, they were instrumental in both games in dealing with TH/SS terminators (I faced 5 in the first game, 7 in the second).

Although I felt a bit cheesy, the Inquisitor Lord's unlimited range psychic hood was very useful in game two as it prevented 7 TH/SS terminator and a librarian from using Gate of Infinity to get across the table at me. He's a must take in this army. I'm not sold yet on the gun servitors, they need a bit more testing.

The 5 ISTs were handy as well as a cheap objective holding unit. They won't stand up to anything much, but they freed up my Battle Sisters to do their job.

All in all, I'm looking forward to running this army again.

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