Friday, 11 December 2009

White Dwarf UK 361 contents

The new White Dwarf arrived today, so here's a run down on it:

-Cover: Tyranids
-New releases: Nids and Legion of the Damned
-Nids Codex design notes
-Skaven scenarios by Jeremy Vetock (13 of these obviously)
-Legion of the Damned background, with some example lists which include the Legion of the Damned
-LoTR tactica on the armies of Evil men
-Battle report is Tyranids vs Salamanders (with a surprising result)
-Army masters is Colin Grayson's Skaven (some example of these models were in last months Blanchitsu)
-Jervis is back with a beard and a new Standard Bearer article
-'Eavy metal masterclass on Legion of the Damned
-Army workshop on Tyranids. There's also a pic of two Centigors which look like new models for the forthcoming Beastmen book.
-Modelling workshop on how the huge Bastion in the battle report was built
-Next month: Plastic Fell Beast, Beastmen.

The back cover is nice, with the Eldar Phoneix lords surrounded by a huge horde of 'Nids.

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