Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Quick and easy Witch Hunters objective marker

This is a quick marker I put together to find a use for the excellent two headed cyber eagle I didn't use when I was converting my Inquisitor Lord:

The eagle is simply mounted on a rock made from milliput which was sanded. This piece could also double as a familiar if I'm short of them (I've got three already so it seems unlikely).


Cawshis Clay said...

Neat! I like that you're creating objective markers for each of your armies. I might have to consider doing the same.

Daughters of the Emperor said...

Awesome job! That is a great idea for an objective marker.

martha said...

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Hephesto said...

Superb idea that I may have to borrow. I've had Coteaz' cyber eagle in my bits box for 5+ years now and I've been itching to use it for something, anything.

REally nice job on the paintjob, really looks the part of an eagle of cybernetic enhancements!