Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Hectic month

As you can tell from the paucity of posts on the blog, December has been a pretty hectic month, with work, preparing for Christmas, kids, family etc etc. In fact I haven't picked up a paint brush or a dice for about 3 weeks (though I did manage 2 games of Pandemic).

I just need to put some finishing touches to the last of 20 zombies I'm using as summoned lesser daemons for my CSMs (pics hopefully later this week). Santa was very kind to me this year, so I've not got the following in painting queue:

1 SoB Excorcist
1 Immolator
10 Battle Sisters
1 Ogre Kingdoms Battalion (6 Bulls, 4 Ironguts, 4 Leadbelchers, 24 gnobblars)

This is on top of the load of stuff that is sat undercoated waiting for finishing.

I was planning on 2010 (at least the early part) being Fantasy focussed, but I may be playing in a 500 point 40K tournament in February which I'll need to prepare for. I am possibly going to play Witch Hunters in that tournie, so I'll need to get ready for that both painting and gaming wise.

Normal blogging service will be resumed soon hopefully.

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