Friday, 20 February 2009

A Fanfare!

Here it is, at long last, ladies and gentlemen I give you the final model in my 1500 Chaos list: the Chaos Vindicator!

Techniques and painting job was pretty much the same as the Nurgle rhino I completed early for the project.

Conversion: Some light conversion work was done on this tank. I simply added some manky skin bits to the unit. These were done pretty simply. I started by sticking a lump of miliput on to provide bulk to the work, and then added a green stuff skin over the top. This was done for the lumpy bits on the top and the gun barrel.

Painting: The green armour was done with Catachan Green (the green standard for the whole army), and then washed with Thraka Green. The skin lumps and gun barrel then had an additional wash of Devlan Mud and then Leviathan Purple. Finally the whole bit was drybrushed with Catachan Green+Bleached Bone mix, followed by an light brush of Bleached Bone..
The purple dozer blade and details was based with 2:1 Liche Purple/Chaos Black mix, and then drybrushed on the edges with 3:1 Liche Purple/Chaos Black.

Weathering effects were then drybrushed on the bottom of the tank, as per my earlier post, however this time I did it more as drybrushing rather than dappling and I think the effect is better. As a final touch I used some Chestnut Ink to add some rust effects, drips and dribbles.

So, all done. Next up: play some games with the army ;)

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