Thursday, 12 February 2009

Back in the saddle

Given it's been two months since my last update, I guess this one is overdue. I've not been doing much painting recently with Christmas and New Year and work. I'm also back playing City of Heroes, an MMO which dominated my free time for several years. I'd taken a break of almost two years, but I reactivated my account before Christmas. It's still an awesome game.

Anyway, on the painting front, I find it hard to get motivated for painting when the work I'm producing is total crap. I just find it de-moralizing. All I've managed up until this week was to build, convert and undercoat a Chaos Vindicator (this was over a two month period). This week I've started putting some work into my Sisters of Battle Canoness, and I think she's looking pretty good. Since I suck at painting faces (see my Seraphim below for evidence), I've spent some time on the face for this one and it's really made a difference. There's a good painting article in the current issue of White Dwarf (UK WD350) which goes over some techniques that I have found really useful. I'll post pics when she's done.

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