Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Malifaux: Zoraida Crew, Mr Graves and Mr Tannen

During a pre-Vappa lull, I managed to get some more Neverborn models finished off.  I was keen to get these ones sorted as at Vappa I put my rulebooks, card, fate deck and a few models out on a table so that I could talk to people who were passing about the game (always henching).  I used my Lynch and Zoraida crew along with my Nightmare Teddy to show to people the kind of models in the game.

Anyway, here's the completed crew for Zoraida:

I'm happy with how these turned out.  For the Silurids, I wanted to try and make them look like green poison arrow frogs which I saw at an aquarium a few weeks ago.  It's not quite how I thought they'd turn out but I'm fairly happy with them.

I've been playing Zoraida exclusively for the past few weeks and I'm still getting to grips with what she can do.  There's alot of things she can do so I'm still finding when and where to best apply here abilities.

The other model I wanted to get done was Mr Tannen.  I finished Graves a few weeks ago, so I got Tannen done to go with him:

I'm looking forward to giving these two a try out in wave 2.  I'll try them with Zoraida of course since she can pretty much work with any crew.

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