Friday, 28 February 2014

Malifaux: Swamp Fiends!

Apologies for the sizing of the pictures in the post.  Turns out the Blogger iPad app is gash.  Click on the photo for a full view.

Ahead of a tournament this weekend, I've finally got all my Swamp Fiends done.  I've now got one of every Swamp Fiend model in the game, with the exception of Wild Boars since they don't look like they'll work that well with Zoraida (might be a future crew though...).

First up, Waldgeist:

No prizes for guessing the origin of these.  I don't have a problem with the current Wyrd Waldgeist, it's just it looks naff all like the card.  The foliage is from Army Painter/Mininatur and is called poison ivy but you can see if works quite nicely as generic leaves.

Next on the table was the Spawn Mother:

This was a great model to paint.  The base was a bit of a challenge as it's very flat given it's supposed to be water, plus I had to try and get it to look OK with all my other bases in the crew with going over board on the green colour.  I went for a kind of blue green in the end.  If you're painting one of these, then learn from my mistake and paint the base separately to the model.  Getting all the babies painted without messing up the Mum was a pain.

The Spawn Mother of course needs some Gupps:

Gupps come three to a blister so I stretched mine out by putting two per base and I think it looks OK with the extra bits of detail I added to the base.  I made some spawn egg markers as well but they're a bit rubbish.

So that finished all my Neverborn Swamp Fiends:

I'm happy with how they turned out and the basing scheme I chose for them.

But, now I needed some Gremlin Swamp Fiends.  Next was a quick paint job of some Bayou Gators:

I managed to find a shade of green I hadn't already used!  These guys are from Titan Forge Miniatures.  They're resin and cost me about £3.50 a piece from Element Games.  They are fairly substantial though (those are 40mm bases) so I'm looking forward to seeing how the official Wyrd ones eventually turn out.

McTavish was next up.  I don't really like the official model so I went with a proxy:

This is Fon the hunter from Tale of War.  I can't believe that they didn't design this as a McTavish proxy, he's that perfect for it.  This was a great model to paint.  With a weapon swap you could also make this guy into a pretty convincing Johan as well since the Gator is a separate piece.

McTavish is on a 50mm base and this model is not actually that big so I bulked out a base with a bit of scenic base work.  It look good, but it's really nothing special.  The bulk of it is a scrap of insulation foam I shaped with my fingers.  Beyond that I added a piece of slate, sand, stones and half a barrel from an GW Ogre model.  Once painted I added the reeds (old paint brush bristles), tufts (Army Painter) and bits of flock.  Looks pretty good I think.

For all my bases I have used Vallejo still water effects.  It's really good stuff, I'd recommend it highly (I used it before on my Hamelin crew) and I've even used it to make large ponds.  For pretty much all the bases here, after I poured the water effect I stirred green ink into it to give the swirl effect.

The crew is going to be in action this weekend at Rumble under Gaslight 2 at The Outpost in Sheffield.

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