Saturday, 2 June 2012

Malifaux: Quick trick with the Necrotic Machine

Just a quick one to report something I've been trying out with the Necrotic Machine and Nicodem.

The Necrotic Machine has a (0) Action called Create Undeath:

"Target non-Master living model receive the Undead Characteristic"

This has been errata'ed to include a 2" range on it now, but it's still not resistible.

In my Nicodem crew, apart from the man himself, you don't usually have many living models.  What I've been playing with is using it with the Convict Gunslinger and then make it Undead.  Not only do you then make it immune to Morale Duels, since it's Undead, but it's now a friendly Undead model and so benefits from Nicodem's Bolster Undead, +2Cb and +2Df aura.  He's now shooting at Cb8, paired, with rapid fire.  Makes things die.  I've tried it and it proved to be pretty nasty, pinging off most of a Silent One (who ran and hid) and finishing off an exposed Rasputina.

The same trick will work with Ronin, Mortimer (almost makes him decent), Rafkin etc.  The ability is also "non-Masters" so it will work with Von Schill as well...

The downside is that it competing against the Grave Spirit who gives Nicodem Armor +2 and it 1 SS cheaper.  I guess it depends on what crew you're facing as to whether that's worth it.

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Mike Howell said...

Neat! I haven't played Malifaux in a while but I was just eyeing my pimptastic Nicodem model this weekend thinking about it. That's a fun idea.