Thursday, 14 June 2012

Malifaux: Pirate Gunslinger WIP Part 1

The Convict Gunslinger is pretty cool.  He's got cool rules, he's good in game, and anyone can hire him.  The model is nice and chunky, and he looks pretty bad ass.  The only thing I'm not so keen on is his head.  His face looks a bit odd, and I really not a fan of his little mohawk.

So I knew I wanted to change this and kind of make him a bit more bad ass.  My initial thought was to make him look a bit like Sirius Black in his wanted poster:

So he needed new hair first up.  First thing that went was the mohawk, then the greenstuff hair went on.  I was largely making this up as I went along, so I went with adding an eye patch as I was on a roll.  This gave him a Snake Plissken sort of look.  But then I hit on what I was really leaning towards... a pirate!

First thing a pirate needs:  a tricorn hat.  Second thing:  Big beard.  Here we go:

I'm liking the look.  The hat might stand a bit more smoothing out with some liquid GS, but I guess a pirate convict would have a fairly battered hat anyway.  He's probably going to get some form of coat next, maybe some epaulettes.

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