Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sister of Battle at 1000 points list

I was quite excited when I heard Sisters were getting a new Codex in White Dwarf as I'm a huge fan of the army. They're what I've been playing most in 40K this year of the few days I've been able to play. However, once the thing arrived I was fairly disappointed. Some of my favourite units (Inquisitors for example) were gone, and as I write this GW doesn't seem to making any efforts to bring the cost of the Battle Sisters down at all.

But, since I like the army, I wanted to persevere with it so I sat down and wrote up a list to replace my old 1000 point list:

Uriah Jacobus, 5 Death Cult Assassins, 4 Crusaders in a Rhino (260)

Battle Sister Squad, Melta gun, heavy flamer, rhino (180)
Battle Sister Squad, MG, Storm Bolter, Rhino (163)

6 Seraphim, twin hand flamers, power sword for Superior (130)

Exorcist (135)
Exorcist (135)

From my old list, my old jump pack Canoness is gone (no jump pack available now, plus I don't need her 2 Faith points any more), Inquisitor and retinue are gone, and my small unit Inquisitorial Storm Troopers are also gone. In are the Seraphim, and Jacobus who is pretty much mandatory I think.

I don't want to spend a ton of cash on new units so I'm having to make do with what I've got. Jacobus and his unit I don't own, but I think I can build them from plastics fairly cheaply.

I haven't tried this list yet, so I'll post some feedback once I get to trying it out.

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Meatball said...

I like the list and I have to agree that Jacobs is gonna become a standard HQ choice among SOB players. I know he is in my current list!