Sunday, 7 November 2010

Ogre Tyrant

I've just put the finishing touches on my Ogre Tyrant/Bruiser this afternoon:

I'm well pleased with this one. The green stuff fur I scuplted has painted up pretty well (work in progress here). The purple gut plate is to represent a Gut Maw, where his gut plate eats enemy characters and sends them straight to the Great Maw.

Something that really helped with painting this miniatures, and why I didn't do it earlier I don't know, was using a wet palette. It helped alot with layering the cloak, the flesh and the metal. I'll probably post something on how I made the palette in a few days.


sonsoftaurus said...

Nice work, and good use of the CSM Termie Lord cloak.

Kuffeh said...

Really nice work dude. He looks beastily.

Mike Howell said...

Monstrous! I really like how you are doing the skin tone on your Ogres, too.

How did you do your snow basing?

Chris said...

Thanks for the comments everyone

@Mike - The snow bases are just sand with some gravel stuck on to create an even texture. Once you've done that, paint the bits white where you want the snow to look thickest, then PVA the snow on. I used just straight GW snow. The grass is Harvest Gold from Woodland Scenics.