Monday, 21 June 2010

In praise of Gryphonne Sepia

Everyone loves Devlan Mud. Slap some Devlan Mud on a mini, instant depth for a table top mini. I love Devlan Mud myself.

But, there's one other colour in the wash set that I love nearly as much, one that is a bit in the shadow of the mighty Devlan Mud: Gryphonne Sepia. This is a colour I've been using more and more, often to tint or shade much lighter bases colours.

Let me share some examples using some of the minis I've done over the past year (these have all been on the blog before).

Firstly, Gryphonne Sepia to shade parchment:

The Sage was done with a Dheneb Stone base, washed with Sepia and then a highlight of Dheneb Stone. The Familiars had similar but I think I used Kommando Khaki as a base for them. Quick and easy, this is also good for things like purity seals.

I also use the Sepia for pallid skin tones:

On the subject of painting skin tones, check out the Precinct Omega podcast episode 3 (in fact check out all of them) which has an excellent section on painting differing types of skin tones.

I also use Gryphonne Sepia for bone or horn as well if I want something quick. This is what I used on the horns and claws for my Nurgle Dreadnought:

...and my Eversor (bit of a small pic, but it was the only one I had to hand):

I've also used it to quickly do the skull work on terrain as well. Both of these were done over a base of Astronomicon Grey and the Sepia tints it nicely.

Finally, I've also used Gryphonne Sepia to tint silver to give a pale gold. This is an idea I stole from the Painting Corps, and used on my Inquisitor's power sword handle:

Along with Liche Purple and Dheneb Stone, I'd rank Gryphonne Sepia as one of my favourite colours to work with.


Tristan said...

I am equally enamored with gryphonne sepia as yourself, definitely one of my favourite washes. Nice post.

Mike Howell said...

Absolutely. I use more sepia than brown wash, probably because I wash in selective areas instead of using it like a brush-on dip. Sepia adds warmth to cold areas. Invaluable.

Muskie said...

I too am a fan of sepia. I use it to age metal sometimes.

Chris said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

@Muskie - I've not tried it to age metal, might just give that a go.

Master Darksol said...

I use Gryphonne Sepia for all of my bone and parchments. It's awesome.