Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Credit where credit is due

If you spend much time on GW forums you often see the same gripes and complaints coming up again and again. Two popular ones are:

-GW FAQ's take too long to come out and don't actually answer the questions people are most frequently asking
-White Dwarf is not very good

Over the past week or so, a couple of things have happened which address these (well a little anyway).

Firstly, the new White Dwarf is actually pretty decent (UK WD 357). The Space Hulk battle report, though really an advert for Space Hulk, is improved by Jervis' analysis of each players actions, the Rok campagin report was pretty interesting too. The Fantasy double's tournament report was quite good and the tournament style battle report between the guys from the Bad Dice podcast was interesting and not something I've seen in WD before. Now one swallow does not make a summer, so this it remains to be seen whether this trend is going to continue into future issues.

The other thing was the release on the Imperial Guard FAQ. Not only has this come out pretty quickly after the Codex (3 months or so), but it seems to answer most of the questions I've seen asked about the IG codex, such as whether hotshot lasguns can use the FRFSRF order, can orders be issued to allies. It also has a direct impact on Codex: Witch Hunters as there is some clarification on what units can be take to ally with Witch Hunters. I think a couple of the choices there are a little odd (for example Sentinel variants are allowed, Leman Russ variants aren't), but none the less it's clarity and it's welcome.

And it's good to see the Deathstrike Missile launcher now has an unlimited range, I'm sure it's previous range of 960" was not enough ;)

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