Friday, 27 June 2008

Nurgle Daemon Prince

This is a shot of my Nurgle Daemon Prince, Morbus the Foul, leader of the Morbus Legion. Currently he's actually in the process of having wings added to him so I'll post some more pics when I've done that. The model is largely scratch built from wire (paper clips), and putty. Any complicated bits like the arms and hands are GW bits. The arms are Tyranid arms I think. The core of the body was built using Milliput which is rock hard and forms a good base for a detail skin made from green stuff. The model was originally converted and built for the last Chaos Space Marines codex so he originally had Daemonic Stature (hence the size, he's about twice the height of a marine) and Daemonic Speed. He also had a Nurgling Infestation as well. As the new codex has done away with that cool stuff, I've had to plan to add wings to him which I didn't really design him for. Hopefully it shouldn't spoil him...

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