Thursday, 25 July 2013

Malifaux: Avatar Pandora

It's been a manic few weeks since my last proper post, with almost no hobbying done.  I've had a big project on at work which has meant that I've been too busy to get anything done hobby-wise.

I played in a tournament in Newcastle at the beginning of June with my Pandora crew and finished 4th on 2W, 1D, 1L which was OK.  A lapse in concentration cost me in the drawn game but I managed to pull back a draw.  I'm really liking the Pandora crew now, I think she's going to be a master I'm going to be using a lot in M2E (at least until Hamelin comes out anyway).  Other than that I played one Vassal league game where I got stuffed.

Things have eased up a bit this week and I managed to finish my Avatar Pandora:

She's been part painted since Easter when I put the base coat on the tentacles.  As usual it features my two favourite colours:  Purple and Vallejo GC Blue Green.  Pandora's colour scheme is to fit in with her pre-Avatar model.  Avatar Candy to go with her is on the painting table now.

If you've been listening to Soulstone Train recently, you may have gathered that my usual Malifaux gaming group at York Garrison has fractured with the release of M2E.  Because of that, at the club last night Shane and I played a game of Flames of War last night which was good, so I think we're going to try and get another game of that in next week.  I may cave in and get the Open Fire! box at some point.  I've been trying to figure out how you actually get started in FoW, there seems so many source books that's it's very confusing to know what to get first.  The cost seems very reasonable anyway and I liked the models alot more when I saw them than I thought I would.

At the moment I'm keeping an open mind on playing Malifaux in 2nd Ed, so I'll be definitely be getting the book and faction decks.  I'm pretty mixed about the new art style they've gone for, some stuff I like (Gremlins, Seamus, Levi, Rusty Alyce) and some I don't (Viks crew, the new Pandora) but ultimately I own every crew I actually want to go about playing anyway so the new minis don't really worry me too much.

With regard to GenCon orders, I'm not sure what I'll be doing yet.  I've been stung recently with my EBO Kickstart extras getting a customs charge and then Royal Mail losing the bloody things, and I don't want that to happen again with Malifaux.  I'll have to see how much Wyrd are going to charge me to ship them over here.

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