Monday, 4 March 2013

Malifaux: Nurses and complete Seamus crew

Finally got some time this past week to do some painting.  With work, family and playing on Vassal my
painting time has crunched down a bit since Christmas.

I've managed to get my three Nurses done, one for each of my book 1 Ressurectionist masters:

L-R:  Nicodem's Nurse, McMourning's Nurse and Seamus' Nurse.  Not the best things I've ever painted, mainly because I generally suck at painting white.

However, the Nurse was the last model to complete my current Seamus and Molly crew (Sybelle got done a week or two back), so here they are:

And a bit closer:

These are the models I've specifically got based to go along with Seamus, all my other Rezzer models can run with him as well.

The base inserts are post apocalyptic city by Fenris Games, and I chose them primarily for Molly as I thought they made a good stand in for the ruins of Malifaux's Quarantine Zone where Molly and Seamus like to prowl around.  Unfortunately, they only do 30mm inserts, so I had to make something approximating it for the Rogue Necromancy.

Still to do on the painting table (major projects):
-Kirai and her crew
-Von Schill and his crew
-Hamelin and his crew
-Simulacrum 29 plus another couple of bits for McMourning.

I'm going to try and get Von Schill done first I think as I would like to have him done ready for my next tournament in 12 days time.

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