Friday, 11 January 2013

Malifaux: Seamus

I've been playing about for the past few games with Seamus, and more specifically Seamus, Avatar of Dread.  I really love the model so I wanted to try it out.

And two casts of Face of Death and a (2) Manifest Action later...

Painting them both at the same time meant I could get the colour the same on both models really easily.  The bright jacket he's wearing is a bit different for me as I don't usually paint bright colours.  I'm starting to move away from GW paints abit, so the jacket is "Blue Green" from Vallejo's Model Colour range.

I've only had a few games with Seamus so far, and I've tinkered around with a few build.  I did run a few games with a Terrifying/WP build of:

Seamus + Avatar
2 Onryo
The Hanged
Rotten Belle
7 or 8 SS (what ever the balance is out of that lot)

The idea being everything attacks Wp.  aSeamus debuffs Wp, plus triggers stupidly high terrifying checks and bellow like a big bastard.  The Hanged has a nasty - to Wp trigger, and the Onryo can strip Wp Immunities.  I need to run it a few more time to get the hang of it, but it's OK.  The Nurse is their for the free turn 2 manifest but hasn't proved to be worth 5SS as yet.


thebovineoverlord said...

Great painting. I like the colours of hat and coat in particular.

Have you found that the Nurse really does anything useful other than the reactivation trick for turning into the avatar? There are quite a few good Ressurrectionist miniatures at that cost, like Punk Samurai or Rotten Belles.

Tigerstyle said...

It's mainly the reactivation tricks which is nice for the turn 2 manifest. The only other thing I've found slightly useful about the Nurse is her (0)Attendant (+1 Armor vs ranged) or (0)Bedside Manner (+2 Df in melee). aSeamus is on Df4 so he gets shot up and hit easily so one of the those two buffs (depending on the situation) is nice. Is the Nurse worth 5SS? No. I'd take one every time if it was 3SS, maybe even 4SS but I'm still on the fence as to whether it's worth it at all for 5SS.