Thursday, 24 May 2012

Blood Bowl: Making my balls sticky

Couldn't resist that post title...

Anyway, when you're playing Blood Bowl, it well annoying when one of your models has the ball:

So you pick him up and the ball rolls of his base.  Especially true when you're using the old plastic ball from the 2nd Ed box like me.

With a bit of light hobby you can get it to do this:

As I mentioned the ball is plastic, so I drilled a hole into it and inserted a short piece of paper clip.  Next add this:

A small magnet to the bottom of the base.  The ball is light enough and the magnet strong enough to hold it through the base.  I've done my whole team like this, but you could quite quickly and easily do this for your main ball carriers.

This won't work with heavier, metal balls (I've tried), you'll need stronger magnets for that.


Mike Howell said...

This is clever. Clever enough to not purge the idea of your sticky balls from my brain.

I'm juuuust getting started in Blood Bowl and I will be doing this!

Tristan M said...

This works well. A key point to remember is your opponent might have magnetized bases too. For that instance if you need to use a magnet in the ball, it's best to drill a long thin strip and glue the magnet in sideways so it works no matter the polarity.