Friday, 8 April 2011

Malifaux: Vultures

I've finished the next models in my crew, 2 vulture totems. I'm not I'll ever want to field two (not unless it's a really big game), but when I bought the models second hand I got two of them. They look OK from tabletop distance anyway.

I've had some more models arrive this week for the crew as well: 2 canine remains, 3 punk zombies and a flesh construct. They've been added to my "to paint" list.

The rules manual also arrived on Tuesday. I'm really impressed with it, it makes alot of the areas that the main book is vague on (blast markers and corpses counters are two examples I've struggled with), and it's got a huge section on strategies and schemes. I'm guessing some of this must be taken from "Rising Powers" (which I don't own yet), as there are master specific schemes in there for masters which are only in that book.

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