Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Completed Chaos Rhino

As I've been drawing up my 1750 point list for the tournament, it's clear I was short of one thing: transports. In fun games, I'm not all that bothered if a couple of units of Plague Marines have to walk but for the tournament they need to punch in a bit more and get to where I need them more quickly. Being skint the first thing I did was get on ebay to track down a rhino as cheaply as possible. I managed to pick up a mark one Rhino for £2.70 which was good, but it needed some work doing (it was missing side doors for example). No problem for me, I was going to Nurgle the thing anyway:

I actually think the top part (which was metal) in from an old vindicator or something as it doesn't have the two hatches the old rhino used to have. Taking the chassis, it was a case of just raiding the bitz box and repairing the thing. I've got so many bitz from Chaos vehicles it was fairly easy. The spikes on the front are from the Vampire Counts corpse cart, as it the body on a rope on the side.

Painting was my usual Catachan Green, washes (green, then brown and purple on the rotting parts), then drybrushing to add the highlighting.

One drawback of the mark one is that it is slightly smaller than the current rhino. This sort of cuts two ways. On the plus side it's slightly easier to hide it, but on the downside, it's harder to hide troops behind it.

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