Friday, 7 March 2014

Malifaux: What can Marcus hire?

After the tournament at the weekend, I've been feeling the itch to play Marcus.  I actually own Marcus already (pictured above) and the Jackalope already as I planned to try them in 1.5 but then never got round to it.  I played against a Marcus crew in game 3 at the weekend and it looked to be a lot of fun.  This might be a project I never get round to, or one that will come later in the year but I'm toying around with it anyway.

I don't own any Arcanist beasts other than the Jackalope so I've been looking round at what I can use with him.  Similar to Zoraida, Marcus has a lot of scope for hiring out of faction models using his "Call of the Wild" ability so for my own reference here is a list of all out of faction models available to Marcus.   I reference the rule which allows him to hire them in brackets:

Guild Hound (Call of the Wild)

Canine Remains (Call of the Wild)
Rogue Necromancy (Call of the Wild)
Night Terror (Call of the Wild)
Shikome (Call of the Wild)

Home faction so all available.

Silurid (Call of the Wild)
Waldgeist (Call of the Wild)
Spawn Mother (Call of the Wild)
Gupps (Call of the Wild)

Hannah (Mercenary)
Taelor (Mercenary)
Student Of Conflict (Mercenary)
Malifaux Child (Mercenary)
Bishop (Mercenary)
Convict Gunslinger (Mercenary)
Desperate Mercenary (Mercenary)
Freikorps Specialist (Mercenary)
Freikorpsman (Mercenary)
Hans (Mercenary)
Johan (Mercenary)
Killjoy (Mercenary)
Ronin (Mercenary)
Freikorps Librarian (Mercenary)
Freikorps Trapper (Mercenary)
Lazarus (Mercenary)
Sue (Mercenary)
Ama No Zako (Mercenary)
Strongarm Suit (Mercenary)

Hog Whisperer (Mercenary)
Piglet (Call of the Wild)
War Pig (Call of the Wild)
The Sow (Call of the Wild)
McTavish (Mercenary)
Burt Jebsen (Mercenary)
Gracie (Mercenary)
Wild Boar (Call of the Wild)
Bayou Gator (Call of the Wild)

Dawn Serpent (Call of the Wild)
Oiran (Mercenary)
Torakage (Mercenary)

Monday, 3 March 2014

Malifaux: All my prize winning Swamp Fiends

I took the Swamp Fiend's to a tournament in Sheffield last weekend (32 players).  Gaming-wise I did terribly, with 2 draws and a loss.  Painting-wise I did excellently and managed somehow to win Best Painted Crew!  I didn't get a picture at the event, but here's the full lot:

I was absolutely amazed and delighted to win!